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The Indoctrination Station
The Subtlety of Subversion and the Power of Sympathetic Magic
Who loves living in America? I know I do. Why do we love America so much? It’s because our forefathers secured for us a nation wherein we might be free from the oppression of tyranny in every form. This is the tyranny they fled across the Atlantic from in the first place.

We all enjoy our rights and freedoms here, and we have become complacent in our little worlds, but there has risen a force which threatens to debase our sovereignty and has the potential to enslave the world under a universal tyrannical order.

After listening to my speech you will be armed with information which will provide a foundation for further research. It is beyond the purpose of this speech to convince you to be for or against this information. The purpose here is to simply present the facts, and to leave you with questions.

A New World Order is a reality that we cannot escape from, as it has been working to establish itself over the last half century (if not much longer), and it has come a very long way. The United Nations is very few steps away from finalizing its vision for the world, as you will see here.

Without further ado I will now introduce you to a document written in 1961 entitled, “A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations.”


A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization rather than in individual national units, and would assume the effective operation of a general disarmament agreement. While this supranational organization — the United Nations — would not necessarily be the organization as it now exists, the present UN Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world.


• (1) powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace

• (2) an international force, balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and space elements, consisting of 500,000 men, recruited individually, wearing a UN uniform, and controlling a nuclear force composed of 50-100 mixed land-based mobile and undersea-based missiles, averaging one megaton per weapon;

• (3) governmental powers distributed among three branches so that primary functions would exist in some recognizable form in a bicameral legislative organ, an executive organ, and an expanded international judicial network;

• (4) compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court for both legal disputes and legal aspects of political disputes;

• (5) approximately 130 political subunits, all nominally independent states, within the system;

• (6) continued jurisdiction over cosmetic affairs by the national governments;

• (7) unrestricted international inspection of all states against violation of the disarmament agreement, with permanent (sic) inspection of nuclear research and power equipment, strategic areas and industries, administrative policies and operations, and other key and strategic points in the national economy.”


• In the document, Dr. Bloomfield expressed this about the relevancy of such a plan: “The notion of a "UN-controlled world" is today a fantastic one. That it is even thought of as a hypothetical framework for politico-military planning grows, curiously enough, out of contemporary doctrines on arms control. Political scientists have generally come to despair of quantum jumps to world order as utopian and unmindful of political realities. But fresh minds from military, scientific, and industrial life, as they focus on the increasingly irrational arms race, have sometimes found the logic of world government — and it is world government we are discussing here — inescapable. “


• “A limited world government has powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace. All other powers are reserved to the nations. It possesses enforceable taxing powers to finance its political organs, its disarmament policing agency, and its international military force, which includes a nuclear component. The nations are disarmed to police levels.”


• “A crucial feature of the system would be its universality. The inclusion of all presently divided countries could come about in one of two ways: through their unification or through alterations in the issues that had once divided them. These conditions would have to apply across the board.“

Resolving Conflict

Divided Germany
Arab vs. Israeli conflict
Places like Formosa, Chechnya, Taiwan
Xenophobia (Fear of foreigners)

How To Deal With Communism

• “Such a transformation is theoretically possible, but only under two conditions: first, that through evolutionary processes communist doctrine becomes drained of its messianic quality, forgoes its imperialistic ambitions, and comes to accept the notion of a higher authority — a notion traditionally anathema to its doctrine.

• The other condition, which puts the possibility within a more foreseeable time span, is a crisis, a war, or a brink-of-war situation so grave or commonly menacing that deeply-rooted attitudes and practices are sufficiently shaken to open the possibility of a revolution in world political arrangements.

• The assumption has to be made here that one or the other of these conditions has come about and that the communists have consequently been brought to a significant mitigation of their doctrine. “

Guerrilla Warfare

• A force that is ambiguous as to national involvement

• United only by common ideals, principles and or beliefs

• “Unconventional warfare between nations and, perhaps, against the central authority may well be the most characteristic type of conflict besetting our proposed system.”

• “A well-equipped and purposefully led guerrilla movement conducting irregular operations, living off the country, sabotaging a la Maquis, and, above all, favored by significant elements of the population, could tie up an international army just as easily as a national one.”
When Could This Be?

• “Under the first of our alternative roads — the pacific evolution of the Communist world, including China — it is difficult to foresee a limited world government within twenty-five years at the earliest, fifty years more conservatively. If, however, it came about as a result of a series of unnerving trips to or over the brink, it could come about at any time. The assumption here, chiefly for logical convenience, is a time period of five to fifteen years from now.”

Next 50 Years

• Vietnam

• Berlin Wall

• The Fall of Communism

• Middle East

• Integration of Nations into Intranational Framework

• Disarmament

• Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

• Revision of the UN Charter

• End of Conventional War; Beginning of Subversive War against Guerrilla Forces


Let’s Recap:
-The United Nations has been planning to control the entire world for over 50 years
-From their own initial plans we can see the evidence of their work in action
-They are very close to accomplishing their goals

As I said, it is not in my interest to say whether we should support or oppose this. In fact we won’t know for sure if we should oppose this until it is too late, because the potential reason for opposition would be the mere suggestion of the possibility that this new order’s power could be abused and become tyrannical. Regardless of our stance, we are faced with a choice to make. If we don’t choose, our choice will be made for us. We must educate ourselves if we hope to have a say in our future.


Reform of the United Nations Over Time

Public Law 87-297; title 22 USC section 2551; This is title 22 USC 2552(a); etc...

A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations:

Globalist Reform

Un Army (Bush's State Department signed a document on September 15 that would result in an unprecedented militarization of the United Nations…The Bush proposal, named the Global Peace Operations Initiative, pledged some $600 million -- mostly from the cash-strapped U.S. Defense budget -- to train and equip roughly 75,000 foreign military personnel in peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations over five years.)
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To return, to the cold
It isn't much, but I'm free at last.

Poor boy became
A slave to use
Rebuild what's left
Of this child, so weak
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A Teacher is someone who points out the obvious, to those who can see but fail to look (for various reasons). Alternatively, a Teacher is someone who instructs someone, on how to look in the first place. Many with closed eyes, are passerbyes, to this warred over truth...
...I overheard a person say they would go to a sale to buy 5 dollar Nike shoes. I asked them why they would support child sweat shops in countries such as the one they come from. I could not have expected their reply. In their perspective, it is better for that child to have a job, than to not have one. I noted this person getting emotional, so I dropped it, but I have been thinking about it since then. This person is clearly displaying a False Consciousness, in that they fail to assess reality appropriately. There was a time before such slavery and debasement. Also, perhaps they refuse to think further on it, because of the pain it causes in doing so. I have compassion for this person. It isn't their fault. They don't know a better way...
...a better way is possible (always was), but it is kept from our grasp. Of course Power, in the wrong hands, is terrible, but why is this said? It is said, because the ones with power are afraid of losing it. They don't want others to even practice...
Morality changes, along with the Form of War, because allegiances shift relative to a shift in Force Dynamics, whether each player knows it or not.
At the end of the day every human has the same basic morals. They feel as if they have a different set of circumstances, and perhaps in small ways they do, but all Humans share the same basic Condition. Therefor we can all generally agree on what to do , if only we had time to think and communicate/come together on things (Imputed Consciousness)...
...There is no way out of this trap. We must ascend through the fabric of reality- a transmogrification. There is a way, to survive, but if you cling to vain thoughts of changing the world you will succumb to it. We must adapt, and overcome, these pressing realities.
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But only one,

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I keep seeing it everywhere, in human interactions. A simple wave of the hand, is a symbol that means different things on different levels. When I come to a dedicated crosswalk, and the person in the car is aware (pending distraction), they will stop for me, just enough for me to cross. They gauge my speed, and give me just enough time. Sometimes they wave (pending distraction). If they do I tend to wave back (pending distraction). Sometimes it seems as if they rush me, and I think of them as rude, but then I consider that I changed my pace. Perhaps rude isn't the right word. Perhaps it is not an ethical or moral interaction at all (though that is how we've come to judge each other), and it is merely the way in which we naturally behave, and every person has an innate sense of that true nature, for it is not just within us, but it IS US.
Many people have that nature conditioned out of them, suppressed and infected. So it is not rude, but the simple causality of the human condition.
Each of us just want from others, what is natural, and woe from the many ways we fail to behave naturally, which transfigured into our time's predominant social problems.
This interaction people have is a form of cell signalling, and human society self assembles. This is a macrocosm, of the way in which, life at the molecular level self assembles, and performs cell signalling.
As with molecules, so too with humans, for nature follows a sort of protocol, on purpose or by happenstance, or by the very consequence of it's existence, perhaps.
When it comes down to it, we are all a composition of abiotic materials, and so what does it truly mean to be biotic? Do we have a free will, other than the two choices of, for or against what is natural? Perhaps we really are just victims of causality...
...I have long felt, that the pain in people's lives, is caused by the many ways which they deny the natural. When you don't drink enough water, or don't have access to Real Water*, your body suffers. Your behavior will shift, as a result. When you are malnurished, you will behave violently at times, and there is a reason for everything. It has nothing to do with fictitious morality. It is nature, and there are people who know about reality and people who don't, and the people who don't are kept at bay, just long enough for them to die.
They are delayed, by red tape, and most if any, never make it through. Life, is a trap sometimes. Perhaps it's better to say there are pitfalls. It's possible to survive, but most don't. I am a 'live and let live' kind of person, but I can't save everyone. I don't know if I can save myself, but that doesn't mean I turn cold, because to save others is to be saved by others (every ethical consideration is based upon self interest), and so again there is no morality, but simply life that self assembles, in the most effective way by nature (unless stymied).
The fact, that we live in a world today, where the Great Barrier Reef is going into total ecological collapse, and humans pass each other on the street without so much as looking up...the world is growing so cold. Can't you feel it?
...There must be a way to go on, but I don't think our nature will save us. This time we must be crafty. We must transform the variables. We must creat new Words of Power, and unleash the Sword of Swords. Soon comes a time, when all must choose, and none may be lukewarm.
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This article can be understood by each of the three major sociological perspectives, but is primarily relative to Conflict Theory.
We learned from the tale of Campaigns Inc. that an upper class of wealthy parties has utilized trusted social institutions, to manipulate the will of the lower class, perpetuating economic inequality and ensuring social stratification.
Wealth was used to fund the media, and politicians, but also Doctors and the American Medical Association, to promote lies designed to subvert the public’s understanding of liberal ideas, constructing a false consciousness, resulting in the continuity of exploitation.
There are elements of Symbolic Interactionism in this tale. The words that form The News are very powerful symbols, because they are presumed to be synonymous with the truth. Today it is an established fact, that the CIA began taking over major news outlets in the 1940s, under Operation Mockingbird, turning those outlets into “policy making arms of the government.”
Through interacting with this powerful symbol, the lower class to this day are brainwashed and have no idea that it’s even happening. These Psychological Operations are a form of Low-Intensity Warfare, which logically implies that the average public itself, is the enemy of the State.
The State is comprised of many warring, powerful individuals and organizations, which overlap the box that is called society. Some examples include various mafia families, religious organizations, judicial, legislative and political organizations, the military, banks, media, labour and industry leaders, and major corporations. They may not all be allies, but they certainly unite, to keep the status quo, which is constant downward social pressure which ensures a lack of competition, while simultaneously keeping the illusion that upward mobility is possible.
That brings us to Game Theory. In Game Theory, for one party to win, one or some others must lose. Structural Functionalism, or just Functionalism, does not insist that all functions must be “good” for all society. Rather, it only requires that a function foster the stability and resolve of the entire system. A system has many parts, and what is good for one part is, many times, bad for another part. In this case, the time of the lower class is stolen, to benefit the structure of upper class.

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Like to be feeling the sand
Bring color
Back to both my arms the sun
Let it do damage like they said it
Would if given chance
Had to be shouting your voices
Scheming devils
Never make it through
Hey way to go lad
Can't wait to go

Let's let the panic bloom
Could help us all end up in the
Then let the havoc choose
To shape us all, push us to invent
We can feed off shame all day
We could feed of shame all day

Soon the stares catch
We begin to kill the calm as we
Feed on the facts let's give in
Let's give in to give in more
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There are things which cannot be taught, for they must be self realized. Telling you something (verbally or writ), is less effective at teaching you, than if you were to observe reality firsthand, without me present at all. Yet people see the truth every day. They simply have become accustomed to looking away.
"Why cause myself pain by observing something that I cannot change," they ask themselves, as they seek shelter from the rain, the wind, other people, and even themselves. To call such people selfish, would be an improvement. They are utterly lost.
To begin anew is always possible, so long as you are alive. You won't know if you don't try. We spend all of our idle time, wasting away, when we could be using that time to plan. We could be tackling the core issues affecting us so negatively, and formulating strategies for success, if we weren't so bent on wasting every single moment- an endless procrastination; an acceptance of defeat and failure, before the battle has even begun. This is the mindset of the modern working class, and it is a false consciousness (in contrast to an imputed consciousness) that justifies and perpetuates their exploitation.
Karl Marx saw this coming, about a century ago. He envisioned the collapse of Capitalism entirely, and it nearly did, in the 60s, but something else happened. A psychological war was waged against the common citizen's mind, and a new breed of consumer was envisioned in Generation X, which averted the Crises of Realization.
Imperialism swept around the world, to create new markets in enterprise zones overseas. It sought to avoid the falling rate or profit for just long enough, to concieve of a new way, before the catastrophic collapse of the credit system and all of it's fictitious capital.
Today it seems perhaps, we are finally witnessing, that very collapse, and it's no surprise that a prize winning economist would back the plan for Basic Income. A new proletariat will be constructed, and perfectly controlled. A new era of precrime has emerged, and robots made by an Israeli company now claim to know whether one is a terrorist, by merely scanning their face. The FBI database of all citizens which includes eye, finger, voice and facial biometrics, will be used to selectively target common citizens. I know that I am in that database, because they used their machine on me, to take those biometrics, upon entrance to the combat zone. They did it to the Iraqi people. Don't you know?
They would bag and tag everyone, keep some and let the rest go. Their eyes in the sky got to practice scanning from a distance, while troops on the ground got to practice "interrogation techniques". They did it to the Iraqis. Then a lot of those vets with a hard on for authority positions got jobs at prisons and police departments across our country. Simultaneously, the fed pseudo-militarized those police, and even now use the National Guard for cyber "defense".
They will do the same things as they did in Iraq, to the rest of us soon.
I've said too much...
...but I'm just getting started. Stay tuned...
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The process of declassifying data puts the truth at least 30 years behind us. By the time the public becomes aware of any major issue, it's too late to stop the harm done. It's never too late to stop any subsequent harm from occuring, if you have the stomach for that sort of challenge.
Most people pay no attention and those who do are too few. A difference can be made, but those who come close are eliminated. They are warred against clandestinely and overtly as well. The rest of society rarely takes the time to look up from their devices.
The problem is the harm done. The problem is compounded by the issue of societal disunity, compartmentalization, low intensity warfare and assassinations, which are barriers to resolve. Harm is human caused, and the barriers are created by the same groups which cause the harm. To effectively oppose such a force, there exists no sure tact. The options are few, but necessary. I must Resist, Imagine, Survive and Evade, because there is no Escape...
Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. As the saying goes, stop, think and then do.
What does it mean to stop? Of course it means to cease all activity, physically and mentally. Is this truly possible? Some would say it is, and what potential can be found in such a moment of nothingness? Will you find everything?
If we turn off ourself, the world does not go dark. Actually, beyond the light which blinds, we find reality. That which we did not percieve, becomes possible to recognize, and through that, to understand. There is so much riding on the backs of people who do not understand...
...we need to learn to listen, before we begin to speak.
We must learn how to stop, before we can imagine ways to make a difference. Many find it difficult, when they remain in a stressful environment. They believe they must react, to survive, but in fact the reaction is what will kill you.
With so many swords at my throat, all I can do is sit and wait. I have used my activity to create my light. Then sitting here, it seemed to fade, but it is not gone. It continues to glow. So I have not yet failed. If I don't fail you can't kill me- not until my mission is complete. It seems the only thing keeping me alive is the intrigue.
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There is a force in this world that disseminates weakness for free, charging any price they deem necessary, for greatness. It manufactures consent, in an everlong pursuit to compartmentalize a world of chaos. Perhaps this time, their steel trap will be large enough, and their control will be final, but will it be perfect? No. There will always be those, who are free of mind, and strive to attain the freedom of the body. We will always be sought after, to be destroyed, because we are the one threat to the status quo. The rest have no power to rise from their knees.
What will become of us? I have been sitting and watching, because with swords on my throat how far can I move? One day they will have made enough people look away. Once the light stops shining on that place, they kill immediately, in darkness, and never pay for their crimes, which are not seen.
My light seemed waning. It seemed as if I were about to be defeated, by the barrage of fire that I did recieve, but something else happened altogether. I snapped back, not to where I just was, but to another place, that I have not been in for some time. For a moment I feel free. I feel light, but I feel dark. As one grows so does the other, in turn.
In my moment of weakness, I failed to protect. I pressed the button, but it won't reset. I can't reset the game...
I shouldn't have lied to myself, thinking I could have a normal life, or fake it until I make it. I have been a coward. I am the only one that can fight this fight. So come at me.
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A human body is like a eukaryote. There are functions that are mundane, mainly being growth and maintenance. There are many special functions that only take place when necessary. For instance, a cell can take into itself, something which benefits it. This is how mitochondria made their way into early cells, and provided the ability to respirate effectively, among other things...
Today humans connect things to themselves. They have video screens for their eyes, and sound for their ears. They have feeling for their skin and feeds for information flow. There is a device to replace (upgrade) every facet of human physiology, and each promises to augment reality, but isn't that just for the transition? Of course, in time, these things will replace reality completely.
Nanobots that cruise around your body, fixing gene mutations, contact lenses with video screens, a chemical which when injected can reverse alzheimers, entire battleships that have no humans on them, transitioning from the T1 to the T2 model, and a brain chip which can turn all human brains into a modem..these are just a few of the things which used to be thought of as fantasy- as the gods of old..
Is it true that we have been developing this technology on accident? Is it chance that we have gone from what we were to what we are today, in only a hundred years?
Is it humanly possible to have that much control?
Yes I believe it is, but not humanly as we currently think of humans. I write of posthumans.
They exist, and for some time they have been using us as their experiment, selecting the best to breed with, to keep their populations strong.
It is strange..they used to just alter the inner circle. Now they have spread like fire, and seek to enrapture all of humanity.
One final cleansing of all, to begin anew...
...what will we be, if we will be at all? Will we have become like them? Or is this just the final deciet? Perhaps we give into their plans, and are merely assimilated.
Perhaps we will become automata, to be used and due to new tech controlling us, we will not be able to protest, to rise up, or to fight back.
It will be the final control of this restless soul that is humanity. It could be the final eradication of our species. We are just walking into it with eyes wide shut.
I asked myself once, why the elites would poison this world, mutating mass amounts of people and affecting their behavior biochemically, resulting in massive amounts of side effects...why would they do this to the whole planet all at once? Why would they poison all the air, water and soil? Perhaps they dont plan to live on this planet? Oh, now I see..it's because they have the cure.
It's for sale to anyone who can afford it, and everyone else will simply fade away; from whos ashes and sacrifice will rise a new and powerful generation, dependant upon their government from cradle to grave..
Most people want to die. They don't even see how beautiful life is, because they can't see past the ugliness inside themselves...
...I have been trying to warn this planet for...so long now. Did I not say things in an obvious enough way? I wanted to explain, but it would have sounded crazy back then...
..but now you get it, right?
Am I going to have to spell it out for you? I think this is the year. All the signs are lining up. I don't think I have any more time..
...perhaps humans have used machines, but have humans also been programming themselves to become machines? Are we not simply a sequence of digital tasks daily? Is our function not also a digital function, and wouldn't we be happier if everyone were digitized? Then we could truly play, while the tasks of every day are done for us. So we will become gamers within our own minds, but within a shared reality.
If you refuse, then you will die. There is nowhere to run- nowhere to get clean water or food, or air, without the help of highly technical science.
Not too long now, before this levee breaks, and we're all just chumming around chewing cud. How very typical...
I would very much prefer it if I could take the red pill, but all I have are blue.
Spare any? Dare any?
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Operation Limit Breaker, initiated.
Pushing Big Red Button.
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