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The Indoctrination Station
The Subtlety of Subversion and the Power of Sympathetic Magic
Who loves living in America? I know I do. Why do we love America so much? It’s because our forefathers secured for us a nation wherein we might be free from the oppression of tyranny in every form. This is the tyranny they fled across the Atlantic from in the first place.

We all enjoy our rights and freedoms here, and we have become complacent in our little worlds, but there has risen a force which threatens to debase our sovereignty and has the potential to enslave the world under a universal tyrannical order.

After listening to my speech you will be armed with information which will provide a foundation for further research. It is beyond the purpose of this speech to convince you to be for or against this information. The purpose here is to simply present the facts, and to leave you with questions.

A New World Order is a reality that we cannot escape from, as it has been working to establish itself over the last half century (if not much longer), and it has come a very long way. The United Nations is very few steps away from finalizing its vision for the world, as you will see here.

Without further ado I will now introduce you to a document written in 1961 entitled, “A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations.”


A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization rather than in individual national units, and would assume the effective operation of a general disarmament agreement. While this supranational organization — the United Nations — would not necessarily be the organization as it now exists, the present UN Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world.


• (1) powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace

• (2) an international force, balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and space elements, consisting of 500,000 men, recruited individually, wearing a UN uniform, and controlling a nuclear force composed of 50-100 mixed land-based mobile and undersea-based missiles, averaging one megaton per weapon;

• (3) governmental powers distributed among three branches so that primary functions would exist in some recognizable form in a bicameral legislative organ, an executive organ, and an expanded international judicial network;

• (4) compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court for both legal disputes and legal aspects of political disputes;

• (5) approximately 130 political subunits, all nominally independent states, within the system;

• (6) continued jurisdiction over cosmetic affairs by the national governments;

• (7) unrestricted international inspection of all states against violation of the disarmament agreement, with permanent (sic) inspection of nuclear research and power equipment, strategic areas and industries, administrative policies and operations, and other key and strategic points in the national economy.”


• In the document, Dr. Bloomfield expressed this about the relevancy of such a plan: “The notion of a "UN-controlled world" is today a fantastic one. That it is even thought of as a hypothetical framework for politico-military planning grows, curiously enough, out of contemporary doctrines on arms control. Political scientists have generally come to despair of quantum jumps to world order as utopian and unmindful of political realities. But fresh minds from military, scientific, and industrial life, as they focus on the increasingly irrational arms race, have sometimes found the logic of world government — and it is world government we are discussing here — inescapable. “


• “A limited world government has powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace. All other powers are reserved to the nations. It possesses enforceable taxing powers to finance its political organs, its disarmament policing agency, and its international military force, which includes a nuclear component. The nations are disarmed to police levels.”


• “A crucial feature of the system would be its universality. The inclusion of all presently divided countries could come about in one of two ways: through their unification or through alterations in the issues that had once divided them. These conditions would have to apply across the board.“

Resolving Conflict

Divided Germany
Arab vs. Israeli conflict
Places like Formosa, Chechnya, Taiwan
Xenophobia (Fear of foreigners)

How To Deal With Communism

• “Such a transformation is theoretically possible, but only under two conditions: first, that through evolutionary processes communist doctrine becomes drained of its messianic quality, forgoes its imperialistic ambitions, and comes to accept the notion of a higher authority — a notion traditionally anathema to its doctrine.

• The other condition, which puts the possibility within a more foreseeable time span, is a crisis, a war, or a brink-of-war situation so grave or commonly menacing that deeply-rooted attitudes and practices are sufficiently shaken to open the possibility of a revolution in world political arrangements.

• The assumption has to be made here that one or the other of these conditions has come about and that the communists have consequently been brought to a significant mitigation of their doctrine. “

Guerrilla Warfare

• A force that is ambiguous as to national involvement

• United only by common ideals, principles and or beliefs

• “Unconventional warfare between nations and, perhaps, against the central authority may well be the most characteristic type of conflict besetting our proposed system.”

• “A well-equipped and purposefully led guerrilla movement conducting irregular operations, living off the country, sabotaging a la Maquis, and, above all, favored by significant elements of the population, could tie up an international army just as easily as a national one.”
When Could This Be?

• “Under the first of our alternative roads — the pacific evolution of the Communist world, including China — it is difficult to foresee a limited world government within twenty-five years at the earliest, fifty years more conservatively. If, however, it came about as a result of a series of unnerving trips to or over the brink, it could come about at any time. The assumption here, chiefly for logical convenience, is a time period of five to fifteen years from now.”

Next 50 Years

• Vietnam

• Berlin Wall

• The Fall of Communism

• Middle East

• Integration of Nations into Intranational Framework

• Disarmament

• Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

• Revision of the UN Charter

• End of Conventional War; Beginning of Subversive War against Guerrilla Forces


Let’s Recap:
-The United Nations has been planning to control the entire world for over 50 years
-From their own initial plans we can see the evidence of their work in action
-They are very close to accomplishing their goals

As I said, it is not in my interest to say whether we should support or oppose this. In fact we won’t know for sure if we should oppose this until it is too late, because the potential reason for opposition would be the mere suggestion of the possibility that this new order’s power could be abused and become tyrannical. Regardless of our stance, we are faced with a choice to make. If we don’t choose, our choice will be made for us. We must educate ourselves if we hope to have a say in our future.


Reform of the United Nations Over Time

Public Law 87-297; title 22 USC section 2551; This is title 22 USC 2552(a); etc...

A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations:

Globalist Reform

Un Army (Bush's State Department signed a document on September 15 that would result in an unprecedented militarization of the United Nations…The Bush proposal, named the Global Peace Operations Initiative, pledged some $600 million -- mostly from the cash-strapped U.S. Defense budget -- to train and equip roughly 75,000 foreign military personnel in peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations over five years.)
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In recent news, the United States will soon request access to your social media when crossing the border. For people seeking to obtain Visa's, it will become mandatory next year, when the form recieves funding to go into use. How long until it is mandatory, for the rest of us?

In other news, Josh not-so-Earnest has a hard time deflecting questions about the Project Veritas evidence and allegations, chiefly, that the White House allowed in a felon, Robert Kramer 342 times, 47 of which he met with the President personally, the most recent being in June of this year. Are these the kinds of people the White House does business with? It's hardly news to me. The whole Obama Administration is criminal, as the Bush before it, the Clinton before that, the Bush before that, and so on.

People wanted a black man for president, and he talks all smooth, and that even seemed cool to me, but he turned out to be a scum because he is a constitutional lawyer who used his knowledge to undermine the constitution, going so far as to establish the necessity and legitimacy, of assassinating american citizens overseas. How long until the war comes home? Not long, I suspect..

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Shame on Anon, or whoever you are. You incite people to action, and individually they will be called radicals, prompting strong government response, while all the weak ones in their boxes will call out for the government to murder what they fear, to protect themselves.

Shame on anon, for not acting sooner. Anon has been around since before I was visiting 1500 meetings in Vancouver, 19 years ago. Why did Anon take so long to act against the Mainstream media?

Anon seems to be everywhere they need to be, but doesn't necessarily do anything significant, though it has assisted against US military targets overseas, curiously enough.

We cannot independantly verify when it is reported some website got hacked by anon. We cannot verify when someone's email gets hacked. The people choose what to believe, and there is a major countercurrent sweeping people against their governments. Normally I would be happy about this, but in this case I fear it is the government themselves, controlling the countermovement, so they can destroy it.

The government is already known to create fake terrorist propaganda. It would suit them fine to create anon videos just to study who watches and likes, who goes a step further and shares, and who is driven to even further action. Traitors label themselves, like volunteering to die. Such a beautiful psy-op...

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To what you said before, you made the case for government very clear. You said people need a force that will punish those who destroy the environment and the economy. I am surprised you didnt mention murder, extortion, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, etc. These are all things that through collaboration, people can achieve in society, without having a big government. In fact they can have it without government as well, but I am not necessarily against mounting a force for a worthy cause...I just don't think government has a good track record, of solving the very problems you suggest they do good at solving. Look at the response to hurricane katrina. The fed did a terrible job responding, because they didnt care if poor people died, and then all the blacks left, and the government got to give themselves more power, claiming it was a lack of power that led to the failure. Look at OSHA regulations. When it is cheaper to pay the fine, companies pay the fine. Nobody goes to jail. It's a pay to play system, and that very government you empower is reaping in the profits. That's what's wrong with the Justice system. It makes money when poor people are behind bars. It may be hard to see in Canada, where things are relatively normal, but down here it is a different story. The only people that don't know, are the ones who sit in their houses and watch the media and decide what they want to believe. I have seen injustice, and the general attitude of the police, and that is just the distraction. On the real, the system is designed on the legislative level to favor whites over minorities, such as after WW2 when 98 to 99 percent of home loans and stimulus money went to white people. Racism and violence is inherent in the system. I will say that again, racism and violence, is inherent in the system, and it is plain to see. I have no love for the government. All the kids who grew up playing games like Magic or DnD..they all needed a big badass avatar to do battle for them. It puts children at ease in a scary world, and when they grow up they lean on big scary people to "make everything right". All along it was those scary men that ruined their world. It's those scary men we should all rise up against, and I fail to see how continuing to support them, after they put heroin into the veins of american children, and meth into their mouths- when they carpet bomb refugee camps of women and children and yes, fighting aged males..I cannot support such mafia, warmongering, scaremongering murderers. I won't. We can dream of a better way, but let's stop pretending that better way, is more of the same.
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When I first learned about the double slit experiment, my mind immediately began to go to work on ways which the data recieved didn't mean what they thought it meant. I reinvented particle physics with wild dreams of ways which could conclude what I wanted to conclude, which was that a photon was a particle though it seemed like a wave, and I was wrong. As I learned more, and as a classmate brought me through the variations of the double slit experiment and the phases and the data, I saw all of my ideas dashed, and I became a believer. This is practical science. It is math based, and it is undeniable (until further notice). I see patterns in things, and I enjoy finding limits to systems, so I can then try to push them. Often I have no success, and only end up learning why those limits are there. I hold out hope, though, that having identified these things early, I can one day truly find ways to push them and achieve a desireable result.
There is also impractical science, and social sciences are the elephant in the room. Pseudo sciences such as sociology, and psychology, need a lesson in 'knowing one's place', it seems, as many of these pseudo-scientists seem to bahave as if they are authorities of some kind.
...anyways I do put some stock in social sciences, because when man is pushed to his limits, he does set a pattern, in his responses. When you put a person, in a position of power, what do they do? What are the statistics on all observed subjects? When you put a person in a position of disempowerment, what do they do? What are the statistics on all observed subjects? The Stanford Prison Experiment was called the most unethical experiment ever done (more like ever publically acknowledged; there have been far worse experiments to my knowldge, all that I am aware of done by Militaries and the CIA). So the Stanford experiment was shut down after 5 days. Do you know why? Perhaps you should read the tale.
I believe in the Stanford experiment, because it is congruent with the data I've compiled from real life experiences. There comes a time in a persons life when they are in a position and what they do defines them and becomes them. It leads to what action they take next. There are very bad people out there. Don't doubt that for one second. They are in every position, and very much condensed, at the top of society. The 'trusted institutions' like churches (yes churches), politicians, police, intelligence communities, CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, ATF, etc. are all rampantly corrupt from the top down. Some rise in the ranks towards them. The rest are kept at bay and put in the front as if to prove all is white and clean and nothing shady is going on. In the end it's all the same old game.
It's about the yin and yang. There are places of light, and places of dark, and on a daily cycle those places trade faces, and we all dance under the sun. We all dance under the moon, just as assuredly, and so we all should understand the dualistic nature of man. So my point then, is we need to stop believing in ideals (one extreme over the other). It harms people, given that we live in a world that is anything but ideal, and the function of modern society is for a large number of poor people to feed those above them. It is a relationship that is good for those at the top and bad for those at the bottom. This is not the utopian symbiosis that we dream of (a dream that's put into our minds from a young age). No this is a distopian world where a parasite attaches to a group of hosts, consuming them one by one, each in turn.
It's like growing up in a world of vampires, which feed off their effectively contained cattle, forever, except instead of vampire we call them boss. We submit ourselves to them, because we have a trained fear and submission reflex built into us from birth. Some overcome this conditioning, in moments of less pressure, and convince themselves they are strong, but when real power comes by them do they submit? We will see, I suppose.
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Today I Learned about Epigenetics, and I find the implications to be vast, especially considering particular information. Epigenetics is the study of changes to DNA across generations of humans. It's been observed that cells in our bodies select regions of DNA to replicate, so that the cell doesn't have to replicate the entire strand (all human cells have average of 6 linear dna strands inside the nucleus of the cell).

Epigenetics showed up in literature about 10 years ago, and has been researched for about 15 years (publically acknowledged).

Epigenetics can be guided, by pairing a methyl group with cytosine, as mediated by an enzyme. This is a process called DNA Methylation. In effect the gene becomes silenced.

DNAMethylation can occur throughout one's lifetime, in response to diet, toxins, disease, and other environmental exposures.
...other environmental exposures...

...my mind is racing about declassified reports of human guinea pig scenarios, from CIA experiments to WW2 era Japanese secret lab experiments, and more recent studies that I'd call dark science, there have been many many studies where unethical scientists have purposefully exposed soldiers, mental patients (psychology is a pseudoscience and a segway to chemical indoctrination through psychiatry), and common citizens of all varieties (ex. SDA/CIA exposure study). Cigarettes come to mind. All of these studies force changes to humans which are then studied. I wonder if any of those scientists knew of epigenetics. Hitler did many studies on twins, and children in particular. Was he looking for ways which changes can occur over generations?

When I told my teacher that Hitler would have been really excited about epigenetics she laughed, and I laughed, but it was an uncomfortable laugh on my part. I am unsure if she saw the implications. She mentioned there are times when people are exposed ro things, and then scienrtists study them. So I told her that it happens the other way also- the unethical way.
I mentioned the burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan and that it would be a nest-egg of data to begin epigenetic studies. I suggested that perhaps, they already are doing these studies. They could collect urine samples and check for biomarkers, and target veteran's offspring for changes in their DNA (all that's needed is a blood sample, taken at birth perhaps).

If they aren't doing this they'd be helplessly uneducated, and they aren't uneducated. The fed always hires the most dimwitted, to fill it's lower ranks, to give everyone else the impression that it really is inefficiency and the human condition that causes things to seem messy. All along perhaps it was intended.

Cross posted to - https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/58b8jw/the_implications_of_epigenetics/
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Everything that happens in chemistry, is a result of atoms trying to achieve equilibrium with their environment. This is also true of people, as a sum of parts, but also as a whole which is larger somehow...

Just the other day, I came to the realization that I choose to be poor. It was a startling thought, and took me aback, because I could not think of one way to deny it. I don't like what I (fear that I) tend to do with money, so I choose to not have it. Rather I choose to have just enough, to live rightly, and not so much that it's use destroys my very self. I have always been cautious with power. I have seen what it does to people. I too bare the scars of some attempt at weilding such force, to my regret.

I'd like to think I dabble, but perhaps it is best to say that I have had experiences, for not all of them have been on purpose. I have tested many things, and tasted a wealth of information, as any shaman does. I have studied systems, and observed the limitations of their interactions. I have grown, and in doing so I have become smaller.

Life, it seems, is counterintuitive. If you try to grow, you will shrink, and vice versa. This may not happen every time. There are ways to be successful, but you'd have to be counterintuitive, because every use of force achieves an opposite reaction than was intended (unless the opposite was intended). If you want to go up, you have to push down, and vice versa. You either are or are not- do or do not; there is no such thing as try.

I suppose being small isn't so bad. After all, there is plenty of room at the bottom (not actually the bottom). As thresholds get crossed, the very properties of matter change, allowing for entirely new occurances. New occurances require strict control measures, or the outcome could be accidentally disasterous. On the other hand, too much control stifles creativity and innovation. While I don't foresee a balanced policy being effective, I must assume that there are two types of places for two types of potential- mundane and special. Special projects need special rules, and that requires special places. I suppose I'll have to build my own special place, for I haven't recieved any invitations to any, as of yet.
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Last Thursday night I made a comment on a news subreddit, saying that ISIS was created by NATO, called someone out on being a shill, and said a bunch of good info as to why I feel this way. Here is the link to that comment, https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/574nu6/65_thousand_iraqi_soldiers_ready_for_mosul/d8px7xm

The following morning I looked at my Google Analytics, which reports on who visited this blog and their behavior. I've never seen such odd behavior. All 23 users simultaneously accessed, not my blog or my profile like every single other user has, ever. They all simultaneously accessed an ad button on my page. They had a bounce rate of 100 percent and yet visited an average of 2.4 pages/user. Then I saw that of the several servers that coordinated, one was the government of Alberta, and one was the 754th Electronic Systems Group. It turns out that the latter, is employed to deploy cyberwarfare and intel management. It would make sense, then, that the timing of my social media comment corresponded with the very people who manage information online, by controlling chatrooms which discuss sensitive information. Call it cyberdefense. Call it whatever you want. It's lies and propaganda. I never once regretted not joining you.

Moving on...Allow me to sum up why I felt this data looked strange.

-A group of 23 users hit my blog at 1am on Thursday morning (PST),

-All accessing the same 'page' (www1.free-share-buttons.top)

-3 from various servers including the 754th, 2 from Gov.Ab.Ca, and 11 from unknown.unknown simultaneously

-All users logged no time on my page (100% bounce rate), but visited an average of 2.4 pages per user??

-The timing of my comment (only several hours earlier)

Here are some helpful pics. I find it so odd that the "page they visited" was an ad click button. Smokescreen? Setting cookies? Inserting malicious code?

Screenshots of my Analytics






I posted to the conspiracy subreddit, the following afternoon (last Friday).

So to conclude, I'd like to welcome my nosy Big Brothers to my very own Steel Trap. Perhaps since you are here we can play a game. I like games. Games are fun.

I have put everything out on the line. Inspect what you will, but do be careful. It's essential that everything is allowed to dry.
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I'm not sure if I have spiritual goals or agree with Spiritualism at all, but the rest of it sounds agreeable to me. On the other hand is that just the point, to put out a rally flag, and for everyone to stand around it looking stupid?
What is Anonymous actually going to do, for the people of this earth? I am dying to find out. Also, what is the audience going to do, but keep watching?
Are we being primed for global 5GW?
How is the common person going to do anything, but become dependant on some new power?...
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The US has tested for the first time, a weapons system designed to counter cold war era water-based missile. They claim that Yemenese Houthi have launched an attack using cruise missiles. The US has no actual evidence of this, and Houthi deny involvement, but the US displays clear bias in tha5 they have struck three of Yemen's coastal areas with Tomahawk missiles. They claim the areas are likely to have little civilian casualties. Again, they don't actually know, but they are willing to kill for just about anything. They don't even know if their ships were even a target.

From above link, "According to a defense official on Monday, Mason “employed onboard defensive measures” against the first suspected cruise missile, “although it is unclear whether this led to the missile striking the water or whether it would have struck the water anyway.”"

From https://news.usni.org/2016/10/11/uss-mason-fired-3-missiles-to-defend-from-yemen-cruise-missiles-attack,

From above link, "While the Pentagon will not confirm details of Mason’s engagement, the use of both missiles by the U.S. is, “very significant,” Bryan Clark, a naval analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and former aide to retired former-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, told USNI News on Monday.

“It might be the first time the SM-2 used against an actual threat for which it was designed,” Clark said.
“It’s definitely the first time ESSM has been used… This is obviously a huge deal"

I worry that this marks the beginning of the US taking direct involvement in Yemen. The US media will use this event to push the narrative that the Houthi have attacked the USA, even though there is no evidence to even suggest that is true. If the Houthi did fire a cruise missile, they were likely aiming at boats that were not US forces, such as the attack on a UAE boat that has been blamed on them (still unclear).
The Houthi have no interest in attacking the US. They haven't done so before, even though the US has supplied Saudi Arabia from the start. Only now, we are expected to believe that the Houthi are targetting the USA because of a single recent incident where Saudi Arabia allegedly airstriked hundreds of innocent civilians (not the most they've killed in five years of slaughter).

The US media has been rather quiet on the whole Yemenese Revolution, wherein the Yemenese people have valiantly defended their homeland against foreign occupiers. The US has supplied Saudi Arabia with the weapons it has used to shell hospitals, schools, refugee camps, weddings, and any other target they feel like, amounting to war crimes. Nobody in America even pays attention, but a couple of errant missiles supposedly come from, maybe the Houthis, and western media is all over it. How completely typical.
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According to this article, 65,000 Iraqi soldiers, 10,000 Peshmerga, supported by US and Iraqi Air and Artillery and 24,000 Policemen and al-Hashd al-Shaabi will conduct an attack against against the 5,000 ISIS members which control 1.3 million Mosul citizens...wait a minute, how many? 5,000 men control 1.3 million people?? Oh I get it, this is all a setup, a play, an act. The world is a stage and this is the show. If it weren't a show, then things would add up. They simply don't.
I suspect that they will say they defeated ISIS in Iraq/Syria, but as the elections come to a close they will say now ISIS is everywhere. I think the State will begin the war (which they've been preparing for for some time), against their own citizens. I believe The Great War will begin within 1 year (maybe 2 months). It would fit the pattern, if the USA went to war right after an election of a new President. The next war will be worldwide, and a war between every nation and their own citizens.
The manufactured refugee crisis would ensure that everyone is convinced, that a network of evil baddies has hidden themselves amongst us all. False flag ops can push into every city daily, and the people will allow their leaders to grab every final power. They would cheer as people are murdered in the middle of the night, without a trial. They wouldn't even know what happened until afterwards- until it's too late. There wouldn't be an underground left to go to. The truth would be lost...unless there exists people of great will, who would protect and keep it, into the next generation and the next. A New House would need to to rise, to meet the need, of nature's balance.

*edit* - http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/16/middleeast/mosul-isis-operation-begins-iraq/index.html
It seems this offensive against Mosul will include only Iraqi's, because this is a major move to legitimize the rule of the Iraqi PM. Also, it is a wonderful chance to use those thermobaric missiles!
Tunnels and expectations of Sleeper Cells, will make routing the enemy next to impossible, with the best case scenario being to kick ISIS west into the desert, "liberating Mosul".
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From, http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/computers/item/24221-local-police-using-cia-funded-software-to-track-all-citizens-social-media-posts

This article reports on an article posted by The Intercept, and includes some other key details about the story, which reveals to us the intention of the supposed protectors of society. The Police, in league with the CIA, seek to sling mud in the face of the constituitional protections against illegal search and siezure.

They've developed software to track the location of every person's social media posts, and the content of that post, and this is to be installed in Airports and other major and populace places. The device can also be used portably, and has the ability to scan through people's clothing or even house walls.

Mass surveillance of every citizen, in real time, has never been a sane option for this country. Yet we live in such times of widespread fear, that people are willing to excuse such obvious misdeeds as our very salvation!

People need to remember that the government is not some perfect group chosen by God. They are humans. They are regular citizens, just like everyone else, and are in a respected position of public service, which is supposed to be a lowly, humble position. However as time went on, people in these positions placed themselves above us all. They place themselves on high, and even argue that they themselves, should be a protected class (ironically, since their very position is to protect others by placing themselves in danger). In effect, it's clear that Politicians, Police, the Companies they protect and all other parasites on society, have turned against the rest of us.

They have lied to us, used and manipulated, and even warred against us in many ways. Yet people are so indoctrinated that they see it as the complete opposite. I have a hard time believing that the majority of people don't see what's going on, but it turns out their eyes were closed all along. They won't even look in the first place, and they will cheer as the rest of us are murdered by the State, directly or indirectly.
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20161007@1222 - Watched the whole thing. I wonder if his quote at the end was accurate. Was that really what the 9/11 Commission said about the money trail? It seems the quote said, "...the money used to (commit the 9/11 attacks)..." Is that talking about the inside trading money, or questioning what money actually financed the attacks themselves? I suspect the latter, and perhaps...this is a misrepresentation of the Commission's report.

20161008@0830 - I downloaded the 9/11 Commission Report on pdf, and went to the section starting at page 169..., in fact my suspicion is correct. The Corbett Report completely misrepresented the Report's take on the insider trading money. In fact that quote from the Report is in reference to the funds the purported attackers used to engage in their operations.
Now what does that say about the Corbett Report? Perhaps it says he didn't know how to conclude, and stretched the truth to point the finger somewhere.

People have to revolt for the right reasons. They have to rebel, for the correct information, or their very attempt will be doomed to fail. Accurate information is as rare as true beauty in this world. While this report has a lot of stunning information, it fails to really explain all of the events of that day. It may amount to the tip of the iceburg, and I think the people of the USA should have not been so complacent. They should have demanded another report from day one. This report actually just helped the government transform this country into a Fascist State, in their final conclusions on the relevance of the threat. One section concerns me in particular called, "What to do? A Global Strategy," but I don't want to comment on the Report further until I read it in depth.
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From, http://www.filmsforaction.org/articles/correct-the-record-domestic-terrorism/

"You're probably saying, "Well, no- CTR may be immoral, evil censorship, but certainly not domestic terrorism." And in a relatively balanced environment, or if one looks only at the current details without any historical context, I would 100% agree...

...As each forward-thinking, rational, downright patriotic community I've been a member of gets systematically infiltrated, overwhelmed, closed or dispersed, I consider it a bit more than just "censorship". As more and more of their financier's corruption becomes evident, leaked, yet still not addressed, it's slightly more than a "free speech" issue. When those who benefit from this rigged, hijacked system fund online wars against restoring our democratic representation, that's called plain "tyranny".

In the end, I don't care what anyone wants to call it- as long as they recognize it, inform others, and pledge to fight it as I will- down to my last breath. Because frankly, doing anything else at this point isn't just blasphemous to our rights, duty and heritage, but basically amounts to suicide by aiding and abetting the true enemies of these falsely divided United States of America."

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the above article, and just want to let it speak for itself.
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The Police in France have been filmed on many occassions, flexing their muscle against the very people they are supposed to protect. Very early in the following video, you'll see just how much the average officer cares for their very constituency. Hollande should resign. People should lose their badges, and most of all, precincts need to stop pretending they aren't fully on board with this way of handling business. Around the world, this very moment, the State prepares for the coming war. It will come sooner than you all think, and nobody is prepared. If you cannot stand the following displays of Injustice, then you won't like what's coming. I feel for those Antifa who do what they can, when they can, but I don't know if their strategy is doing anything but heat up the State's activity. Either way, it's clear that the State has ill motive, as it works to impliment protocol to act against their own constituency (preventative murder of mere suspects, as happened in France already).

We must stop pretending that the State is just acting in response to aggression. These minor aggressions in France, from the people themselves, comes as a response to State aggression against it's own people. A new way must be found. Peace must be afforded, and brokered, and I hope for such a way, for soon it will be too late. Soon, people won't have a choice left.

While not all clips in this video are perfect evidence of such (the video shows their mentality and lack of regard for human life), it is a fact that the Police are quite literally the protectors of the worst criminals that society has to offer. They protect those who stole all of the property that average people once had, sold the economy that is the future for our children, and they are the muscle for big banks and other such scum. The State has created the Terrorist monster to push society to the brink, so that they can capitalize on that and clampdown militarily on the entire globe at one time. They will start a war against the people, while claiming it is self defense. The State will murder. The State is not our friend. I would be Antifa if I thought our enemy could be encapsulated within a single doctrine. Our enemy seeks any and every way, to plunder the entire planet, and end this charade called open society that has gone on for so long.

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Syria is not a civil war. It is/has been, an invasion.
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