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The Indoctrination Station
The Subtlety of Subversion and the Power of Sympathetic Magic
Who loves living in America? I know I do. Why do we love America so much? It’s because our forefathers secured for us a nation wherein we might be free from the oppression of tyranny in every form. This is the tyranny they fled across the Atlantic from in the first place.

We all enjoy our rights and freedoms here, and we have become complacent in our little worlds, but there has risen a force which threatens to debase our sovereignty and has the potential to enslave the world under a universal tyrannical order.

After listening to my speech you will be armed with information which will provide a foundation for further research. It is beyond the purpose of this speech to convince you to be for or against this information. The purpose here is to simply present the facts, and to leave you with questions.

A New World Order is a reality that we cannot escape from, as it has been working to establish itself over the last half century (if not much longer), and it has come a very long way. The United Nations is very few steps away from finalizing its vision for the world, as you will see here.

Without further ado I will now introduce you to a document written in 1961 entitled, “A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations.”


A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization rather than in individual national units, and would assume the effective operation of a general disarmament agreement. While this supranational organization — the United Nations — would not necessarily be the organization as it now exists, the present UN Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world.


• (1) powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace

• (2) an international force, balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and space elements, consisting of 500,000 men, recruited individually, wearing a UN uniform, and controlling a nuclear force composed of 50-100 mixed land-based mobile and undersea-based missiles, averaging one megaton per weapon;

• (3) governmental powers distributed among three branches so that primary functions would exist in some recognizable form in a bicameral legislative organ, an executive organ, and an expanded international judicial network;

• (4) compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court for both legal disputes and legal aspects of political disputes;

• (5) approximately 130 political subunits, all nominally independent states, within the system;

• (6) continued jurisdiction over cosmetic affairs by the national governments;

• (7) unrestricted international inspection of all states against violation of the disarmament agreement, with permanent (sic) inspection of nuclear research and power equipment, strategic areas and industries, administrative policies and operations, and other key and strategic points in the national economy.”


• In the document, Dr. Bloomfield expressed this about the relevancy of such a plan: “The notion of a "UN-controlled world" is today a fantastic one. That it is even thought of as a hypothetical framework for politico-military planning grows, curiously enough, out of contemporary doctrines on arms control. Political scientists have generally come to despair of quantum jumps to world order as utopian and unmindful of political realities. But fresh minds from military, scientific, and industrial life, as they focus on the increasingly irrational arms race, have sometimes found the logic of world government — and it is world government we are discussing here — inescapable. “


• “A limited world government has powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace. All other powers are reserved to the nations. It possesses enforceable taxing powers to finance its political organs, its disarmament policing agency, and its international military force, which includes a nuclear component. The nations are disarmed to police levels.”


• “A crucial feature of the system would be its universality. The inclusion of all presently divided countries could come about in one of two ways: through their unification or through alterations in the issues that had once divided them. These conditions would have to apply across the board.“

Resolving Conflict

Divided Germany
Arab vs. Israeli conflict
Places like Formosa, Chechnya, Taiwan
Xenophobia (Fear of foreigners)

How To Deal With Communism

• “Such a transformation is theoretically possible, but only under two conditions: first, that through evolutionary processes communist doctrine becomes drained of its messianic quality, forgoes its imperialistic ambitions, and comes to accept the notion of a higher authority — a notion traditionally anathema to its doctrine.

• The other condition, which puts the possibility within a more foreseeable time span, is a crisis, a war, or a brink-of-war situation so grave or commonly menacing that deeply-rooted attitudes and practices are sufficiently shaken to open the possibility of a revolution in world political arrangements.

• The assumption has to be made here that one or the other of these conditions has come about and that the communists have consequently been brought to a significant mitigation of their doctrine. “

Guerrilla Warfare

• A force that is ambiguous as to national involvement

• United only by common ideals, principles and or beliefs

• “Unconventional warfare between nations and, perhaps, against the central authority may well be the most characteristic type of conflict besetting our proposed system.”

• “A well-equipped and purposefully led guerrilla movement conducting irregular operations, living off the country, sabotaging a la Maquis, and, above all, favored by significant elements of the population, could tie up an international army just as easily as a national one.”
When Could This Be?

• “Under the first of our alternative roads — the pacific evolution of the Communist world, including China — it is difficult to foresee a limited world government within twenty-five years at the earliest, fifty years more conservatively. If, however, it came about as a result of a series of unnerving trips to or over the brink, it could come about at any time. The assumption here, chiefly for logical convenience, is a time period of five to fifteen years from now.”

Next 50 Years

• Vietnam

• Berlin Wall

• The Fall of Communism

• Middle East

• Integration of Nations into Intranational Framework

• Disarmament

• Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

• Revision of the UN Charter

• End of Conventional War; Beginning of Subversive War against Guerrilla Forces


Let’s Recap:
-The United Nations has been planning to control the entire world for over 50 years
-From their own initial plans we can see the evidence of their work in action
-They are very close to accomplishing their goals

As I said, it is not in my interest to say whether we should support or oppose this. In fact we won’t know for sure if we should oppose this until it is too late, because the potential reason for opposition would be the mere suggestion of the possibility that this new order’s power could be abused and become tyrannical. Regardless of our stance, we are faced with a choice to make. If we don’t choose, our choice will be made for us. We must educate ourselves if we hope to have a say in our future.


Reform of the United Nations Over Time

Public Law 87-297; title 22 USC section 2551; This is title 22 USC 2552(a); etc...

A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations:

Globalist Reform

Un Army (Bush's State Department signed a document on September 15 that would result in an unprecedented militarization of the United Nations…The Bush proposal, named the Global Peace Operations Initiative, pledged some $600 million -- mostly from the cash-strapped U.S. Defense budget -- to train and equip roughly 75,000 foreign military personnel in peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations over five years.)
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The following video impacted me greatly, as I watched and listened to it this morning. It is the single most powerful speech of our time, that I'm aware of, because it touches on one of the most fundamental social problems, which is violent men. By asking the right questions, this speaker gets to the heart of the issue.

After watching the above video, I began sketching what I didn't realize yet, would become a mind map of my own personal, cycle of violence. I believe everyone has one of these, and many of them may look similar.

My response to the video

Certainly men who are strong leaders, that don't perpetuate cycles of violence, would be commonplace in our society, if they weren't equal victims of that very cycle. It is the weak men- the Humptey Dumpteys of the world- that go far and are enamoured by thr glamour of the word success. They become seduced by a world of deceit. They are programmed from infancy, to respond to this abuse with a smile. Even men, who are destined for greatness naturally, will be abused by other men. It is a way of keeping power over another man. It is rape.

Those who are raped, grow to think of lust as love. They grow to join the very system they grew up not understanding, because they are lied to about the nature of that system. Those who have perfected these techniques of violence, use them actively against individuals, but also through the media, against entire societies. They use the media to conceal the problems.

I saw a young black girl on the bus, watching a Beyonce video. In the video Beyonce was at a school or something, surrounded by children, teaching them how to shake their booties. Some see a lady having fun and spreading joy and culture to children. I see an overpaid hooker programming children with a sexual trigger- that when music plays, we start to shake our bodies. How deep will the depravity go, that we start to see it as commonplace, and even normal? Our entire world has been seduced by a force, which engineers whole societies through clandestine methods. I would call it inhuman, but history shows us that humans have been doing it to each other for a long time. Still nothing changes. Things only seem to change, to usher in a new wave of violence.

Self control is the only control possible. Self control is the reason why, in the Family structure, the cycle of violence can be stopped. Key segments in the chain can, through a great force of will, refuse to repeat the mistakes of their forefathers. These key segments, often don't know how much of an impact they have, in the bigger picture. They feel alone, but they are not alone, and the more people there are who through self control, refuse to perpetuate violence, the better off we will be as a world.

There comes a time now and then, when violence is brought upon the entire world, and that time is so very near. We cannot control others, but we can remain as positive role models. People will mirror what they have seen, until someone else refuses to mirror them back. Then they have the ability to mirror that person instead. If a positive role model is not found in the entire world, then of course the world will be reduced to chaos.

So people, when they see a world torn apart, and it seems like every single other person has lost their minds, still have the potential and opportunity, to be that one person who refuses to perpetuate the cycle. That can break the cycle, to all who bare witness.

Stop buying shoes made by sweatshop children. Stop buying or consuming alcohol. Stop consuming, things which harm yourself and others. Stop buying or wearing diamonds. Stop being so vain. Stop walking around like you are important, while sluffing off the rest of the world.

How can one be an individual, and a part of the whole, without sacrificing either? The answer to this question, would resolve the dispute between capitalism and communism, between two forms of inhumanity. Through synthesis, not competition, will we arrive at peace (in theory). However, do not mistake assimilation, for synthesis.

We must be peaceful, but also be warriors. We must win, in the battle of the mind, while the battle of the body is mostly a battle against the self. Learning what moves are best, only makes you a novice. Learning when to use them makes you an intermediate. Learning what mistakes not to make, makes you an expert. The only way to be a master is to perform this feat over time without fail, and these are more paths we walk, than positions we take. The very phrase "to be", indicates activity and interaction. This brings to mind in the video, the quote from MLK, "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

So friends do not be silent. Practice mindfullness, and self control.

I intend to stand up against men who are violent towards others. I will not attack them, which would empower them. I will defend against them, not with a wall of fire which would invite them, but with a ring of water; a ring of life. Whatever is just enough, to cancel out their negativity with my positivity, to bring balance back to the world.

We are all valuable. We are all loved, and do love. Live in your realm, but respect the spectrum, or you would only harm yourself and others.
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Trump Declares a "New Era of Justice", and then equates all gang members and drug dealers with terrorists, signs 3 new EOs

Trump on Asset Forfeiture
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Liberty is under attack, in Paris, as the State justifies aggression against poor people and minorities by equating them with terrorists. The rest of the world has it's own problems, and what was an open world is now fully closed. Propaganda targetting the minds of closed minded, apathetic automata, push the derision of the state against free minded people with liberty. A new order has been established, and a new dark ages has begun.

The Big Push happened just about how it needed to.

The Great War will follow.

That was the writing on the wall for me, years ago now. It was my purpose to warn those in Babylon, and also the world. Now as the gates have alreay closed, I do not regret my decision to stay on this earth. I will build my own house, and keep my people safe within it. We must go now to the mountains, as society has come under the dominion of the Dragon, who is "wroth with the woman, and seeks to devour the remnant of her seed."

Good Bye to all who would do us harm.

Hello to those, who find a bright new path, amongst the thorns.
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Back by Popular Demand:
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There is a lot of stuff going on, between the nation and it's people. One very main theme, is the strong sense of lead, that the government has over its citizens. The people themselves, are very unaware, of just how much they have been turned into reactionaries. At the drop of the hat, people yell, "Lock them up," because they trust unofficial sources. So now unofficial sources have become the new normal, and the world is about to be turned on it's head.

Tactics change. Operations shift. Strategies, do not change. They must not change. Strategies require commitment. Consider the theatre. If the act doesn't come off well in one part, drive through it and the next part will make up for it. Either way one must continue, when acting the part, because it's commitment, that keeps the audience guessing.

People may believe, that they see 'unrealness' in things, but moments later the brain takes pleasure in continuing to believe. People want to be mystified. They just don't realize how much, it is themselves, tricking themselves, just with help! People know the stage is rigged. They know the television is a game, but they prefer it. It has become the ultimate escape. The ones who choose life, are fewer and farther between.

Now in history the gloves have come off. The course is laid clear, and the New Battle has begun. So many have gone underGround, that I cannot see anything but the horizon, and the looming darkness there lay, surrounding this camp, swirling, and getting closer. Where are my teachers, when I need them most?
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I am both a Monist and a Subjectivist, and so am simply, a subjectivist. Does that make sense? To me it makes perfect sense.

There is one truth. There are many approaches and angles of perception, resulting in fragmentation.

There are, therefor, many systems of information. The largest of them, are the monism types, and this realm has been beset with dark purposes. The ones who rule there only cloister the truth, effectively keeping it covered up (which destroys the purpose of the truth).

Due to this control over the truth, there have sprung up, smaller fragments of information systems, which isolate peices of truth, hopefully preserving it, but many times perverting it greatly (which monists especially decry, and so I am closer to them in these battles than others).

If one were to, gather the many peices, and reassemble a greater truth, the purpose which cries out for reprieve, before it is quenched forever, could be relieved. The truth could be revealed, as the double edged sword that it is, and utilized, to ensure such a debasement of humanity does not occur again. Then it's power should be retired- encased in stone until it is needed again, as it has many times before.

What the world needs, is somebody responsible, above all else- somebody who is aware, that integrity is rooted in compassion- and someone who is able and willing, to see it through, to the end. If I fail at this task, someone will need to pick up where I left off, and so I leave, this unfinished book, of scrawlings for you to learn from.

Will this be, the last passage, or will my fate, be even more strange than I have foreseen? The future is so very, uncertain.
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The idea that you may know more than the intelligence community knows – it’s like saying I know more about physics than my professor. I didn’t read the book, I just know I know more.” -Joe Biden

It seems absurd to me, to compare intelligence agencies to teachers of physics.

Physics is regularly based on nouns (what), but also based on verbs (how). Sometimes it is based on statistics and guesswork, such as in work with electrons.

Intel sometimes is based on nouns, but also verbs, and what gets done with that info can stand alone, but regularly amounts to guesswork (extrapolation, psychology which is pseudoscience, etc).

Another glaring difference between physics teachers and intel agents, is that a physics teacher will help you understand the situation, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you will make effort to understand.

An intel agent will lie to you, ignore you, or walk away from you, etc.

A teacher has a mutual interest in truth.

An intel agent has only self interest, effectively lying to all others.

One other absurd thing about these remarks from Biden (though not the last), is that it betrays his intent, to see the intel agencies be the only entity allowed to speak at all, because anything which deviates from the official narrative, is not merely innacurate, but entirely "dangerous". Any good leader must accept there are times people make errors, especially when they use that excuse every time they are caught for lying. Acting like there are never mistakes, is possibly, insanity, but more likely a lie designed to....

Biden wants to help erect the new Ministry of Truth, which is an assault on the liberty and freedom of every US citizen, no matter how many Supreme Court Judges get murdered or bought to twist things so there will be tolerable or no legal repurcussions for such heinous actions.
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Germany is the only country, that needs to enact such a law, to force all companies globally, to censor information based on government lists of who is appropriate. (Is it not ironic that this order would come out of Germany, who 100 years ago tried to take over the world in a similar fashion? Hail Hydra?)

The mere threat may be all that is needed, like with the European Commission's recent, similar threats, allegedly forcing facebook to install a fake news reporting tool. Clearly, the company that started with CIA funding (Facebook), was interested in complying all along, and very possibly began with that aim in mind. It's clear to me, that this is a prime example of a company and the government being in cahoots, to the detriment of the people themselves. Will anyone else see it that way? Perhaps, but I feel most won't. Most just don't seem to have time to care about anything at all, including themselves.

The ability of a single country to affect a company, is unique, which is why I have been skeptical of the fact that companies have been taking over for governmental functions for years now. Governments are restricted. Companies are not nearly so. Therefor enlisting a company to do the government's job implies that the sole purpose of that transferance of power is to get around the laws. It scares me that our nation could be sold to the lowest bidder so easily, but then again it has been a long time coming. Progressive Socialists worked quickly yet systematically, but this year it seems they have no more time left to mess around. Now they make a Big Push to finalize their preparations for what they are about to do to this planet, and to the human race (what's left of us).

In case you are just tuning in, Germany has threatened legislation against social media websites that fail to censor fake news. Following the European Commisions similar threats, this is clearly shaping up to be, a coordinated, global attack against the flow of information, by western intel organizations. Eastern organizations accomplished that long ago, and so a global clampdown on the freedom of expression, seems imminent. For that reason I have decided to, after over a year of bringing you the news...
...I've decided to stop. From now on I will only be publishing my own work, except of course for music, which is made available for your viewing pleasure.
It's now your job to read and decide for yourself. I am not, nor have I ever been, liable for anyone else's actions. People who say otherwise are less interested in the common good than they claim.

Anyways it is possible that some of the things I shared were not good intel. I just wanted to show the other side of the story, and I feel it is all very important or I wouldn't be doing what I do, but it seems...

...it seems that the waters have been tainted. The pipeline has been poisoned with all sorts of dis and mis and counter and this and that. It is rather tough to sort through (not impossible).

...anyways I have got you this far. Finally, it's my turn, to get back to my real work. I've been so overwhelmed by the flow of information, but now that I am used to the intensity of this light...I can fine tune it. I was telling a "friend" the other day, that the power of words can be exponentially increased. Perhaps instead of explaining how that works, I could, simply illustrate my point.

I will write the truth until someone comes and takes me away or forces me to stop, or kills me, and if anyone disagrees then let them speak also, and let their truth be known. If it is truth, it will be recognized as such, because truth is something grounded in the nature of reality. Once expressed, we begin to see it everywhere. This can also be the trap of using words that don't change, to describe pictures that do...

...I will always allow someone, to explain to me their point of view. I am not closed off to any view. I will state what reasons I have, for opposing any view, and if someone cannot defend their view, then typically this means their view is a fallacy, or that they haven't thought it through. Either way it is inhuman to go about beating people over the head, refusing to even explain anything. Apparently if you are the government, you don't have to explain yourself, because your authority is based on force and force is effective in this case. What ever happened to a government of the people and for the people? Now it is a government of some people.

Trump is quite possibly the world's next Hitler. There I said it. Now everyone knows. That's my opinion. If I turn out to be correct, I'll likely die before my 33rd birthday, because I won't be able to sit idly by, while tyrants rule the world. I would live my way, but they would come. They will come for every one of us, who live boldly in the light. Let them come. I am not afraid of such cowards.

Edit- One last data dump, https://www.reddit.com/r/EnoughTrumpSpam/comments/4teoxl/a_final_response_to_the_tell_me_why_trump_is_a/
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Operation Versive Prism, initiated

Execute Override
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